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2014-10-23 10:06 pm
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I want a tortoise so I can dress it up like a taco.

For anyone who has a tortoise that might want to make it look like other things too!

MossyTortoise @ Etsy

I love this so damn much I cannot tell you. When I get my bearded dragon you better believe I will make him sailor outfits and take embarrassing pictures. What kind of beardie mother would I be if I didn't do that?
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2014-09-13 12:34 am
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Can't decide what piercing I want! Augh decisions.

Triple Forward Helix
That's the set at the top-inside of the ear (diamond-flower-diamond)

Triple Helix
Not so forward on the ear. I think they are super cute!

But which one do I want?
And WHERE DO I GET THESE SHINIES ANYWAY? Cuz seriously, there is not one store in Halifax that sells body jewelry that is as cute as anything in those ears up there.